For the record, I know nothing about pressure washers. Pretty sure I’d've checked the manual sometime before accidentally turning it into a projectile launcher. Not to say I wouldn’t have done it anyway on purpose…

Kind of reminds me of the first day I had my Fiesta ST. The first time I was to drive it to work, Danielle had made me a coffee to take with me. I don’t generally drink coffee in the car, but she had some left over and we were kind of rushed at breakfast that morning. So she pulled out of the driveway with the kids behind me as I closed the garage door, and then I sat down in my brand new car to enjoy the smell for a moment before setting off. The coffee was already getting cold, so I took a generous pull from the thermos mug in my cup-holder.

And sprayed it all over the dashboard, windshield, steering wheel, and driver’s door.

I’m not sure if I choked on it, or the persistent cough that accompanies allergy season set me off, but I guarantee you my panicked attempts to hold the coughing down made it worse. Within seconds I had the door open and was choking up black fluid onto the driveway between shuddering gasps for oxygen, but by then the damage had been done. I was over an hour late for work as I wiped down every square centimeter of plastic, leather, and glass between the driver’s seat and the hood of the car. Even to this day I occasionally find small spots of coffee and saliva residue in places that I would swear were out of line of sight.