For the record, I’ve been here. It takes years to get out. But now my two spawn are either old enough to stay up until one in the morning playing Noita and then sleep it off until noon, or still want to get up before me and watch tee-vee but have figured out how to hook up headphones. So while I sympathize with Forrest, who’s family is time displaced about five years behind mine, my initial reaction to this comic was overwhelming relief. And a primal need to chase down my youngest and tickle him.

Can’t even threaten to tickle his older brother anymore. He just starts punching and kicking at full force. While I might have a few dozen pounds on him is all the soft, kick-and-punchable kind. We have a saying in our family for when rough housing goes wrong: “Not mad just hurt.” So while I know I’m not allowed to be upset when I intimate that I might be considering poking him and subsequently lose a tooth, I would argue that it’s a disproportionate response.

Kid don’t suffer tickles no more.