For the record, Forrest warned me that if I didn’t hand him a script by sundown, he’d draw up poop joke to spite me. Well, this one is all him so I can only ask: What the hell is Lennon eating?

I’m reminded of an anecdote I heard from Alton Brown, a chef celebrity I follow, about the effect social media has had on food culture. He said that while the sharing of meal pictures on social media has certainaly burgeoned a renewed interest in fine dining and food culture among the next generation, it has unfortunately done absolutely nothing to educate on the appreciation of food outside of plating and presentation. Posts like the one’s Lennon’s making in this comic are captioned, “Look how good this looks to look at.” Nothing is retained about the flavor profile, texture, or it’s adherence or not to the conventions of the dish as an art form.

Sick shades, though.