For the record, some might find this topically late. But I think there’s genuine value in reviving recent news stories a few weeks after they go stale. Novelty has a tendency to rub out history in modern, frenetic news cycles, and I find that a little disturbing. Politicians will often do some amazingly unpopular shit their first few weeks in office in the hopes that it’ll all be forgotten by the time they’re up against voters. Though this story shares nothing with that example. I do my best, alright?

I got back into Nerf recently and immediate signed on with the flywheel master race. They just reissued what some consider the apex of the form, the Stryfe. This is, no joke, a battery-powered, semi-automatic Nerf blaster that fires microdart class ammunition loaded from standardized magazines. It also happens to be just simple enough electrically that you can boost it’s firing-rate and range just by bypassing a simple thermistor and sticking beefier batteries in, making it the darling of the, ahem, hard-core Nerf war modification community. This is what Robert’s packing in the comic.

It’s just turtles all the way down from here.